I love being on stage. I enjoy connecting with the audience through personal stories. I aspire to speak, in order to inspire, not to impress.

Since the age of 4, I’ve always been dancing and performing on stage, ranging from Chinese folk, contemporary, to theatrical mambo. Performing arts is my primary inspirations for mastering storytelling and building stage presence.

Topics I’ve spoken or written about:



— Creating a culture of belonging for Airbnb Design

In this lightning talk, I shared the journey of developing the design mentorship program from an idea to an organizational priority for Airbnb Design. The talk aimed to inspire the audience to take actions and realize the power they already have to drive positive change and foster belonging.

  • September 2019, Airbnb Global Design Summit 2019 in SF, USA

  • July 2019, “The Grit“ Interview with Avocode. Read the article.

Airbnb Design Summit 2019


— My Journey from East to West

In this talk, I shared my personal story to empower and inspire others to search for their authentic voice in a world that’s constantly changing. The talk took the audience through a journey: the trigger and purpose of finding my voice, the challenges and self-reflections along the way, and the positive influence of making my voice visible. The talk concluded with questions to ask in search of your voice and the lessons learned in the face of change.

  • May 2018, Women Talk Design in SF, USA

  • June 2017, Twitter Global Design Week in SF, USA

  • May 2019, UX Coffee Podcast & Interview. Read the article [中文]

Twitter Design Week_2017.jpg



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