In 2012 summer, I teammed up with three other CMU classmates to participate in a Windows 8 app hackathon. The event was hosted by Microsoft Mountain View over a weekend. Each team had two days to create a Windows 8 store app.

Our team came up with a concept named "Sonata", a app made to help people search and discover new music artists.

After two sleepless nights, Sonata app won the first place in the hackathon. Unfortunately the demo is not online any more, but our presentation is available below.


That summer, I also submitted an entry to Ratio Windows 8 Design Contest. I designed a metro app named "MUSE", a hub for exploring upcoming concerts and tracked artists. The app was designed to take full advantage of system gestures and features, such as semantic zoom, snap and fill view, live tiles, in order to provide users a native look and rich experience.

Though this app didn't win the awards, it was a great opportunity practicing Windows 8 store app design outside of working on Firefox on Windows 8 at Mozilla.