I have always been fascinated how effective space can impact people's behaviors and emotions. I believe a well-designed work space is essential for creatives to communicate and collaborate.

While working in a highly distributed organization, I noticed there are lots of communication barriers. I couldn't stop wondering how space design may facilitate more effective communications among a distributed creative team.

I started looking into inspirations online and collecting good practices as a board on Pinterest. I visited d.school and some other design-centric companies such as Square, Adaptive Path, IDEO to experience their space. I also turned to this awesome book "Make Space" by d.school faculties for some DIY tips.

Combining my observations of current communication patterns and best practices from other resources, I came up with a proposal that aims to build a more collaborative space for the new floor at Mozilla San Francisco office. 

1. Open space to communicate and get inspired

2. Transfer your works to a bigger audience

3. Engage remote communication

4. Activate your creative cells

On behalf of Mozilla UX team, I presented this proposal to architects and Mozilla WPR team. It was great to see some of my suggestions were accepted and applied to the new space.