About Yuan

Hi, welcome to my online portfolio which presents a selection of my latest works. Currently I'm a product designer at Twitter, working on Tweets. Previously, I've spent nearly 2 years designing for onboarding & growth at Twitter.

Prior to joining Twitter, I led the experience design of Firefox for Android and Windows 8 at Mozilla, and studied human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University.

I enjoy bringing creative ideas to life through systematic thinking and collaborative execution. I value the quality details of an experience, and believe that a designer’s work is what ends up being shipped.

Besides designing products, I'm also passionate about communicating traditional arts and culture to a broader audience with the help of meaningful design. My side project "Ink+Water" is an ongoing series of ink paintings to visualize Chinese classical poetry.

In addition, I'm a fan of film and landscape photography, a care taker of two adorable rescue kitties: Tribble and Miso, and a former member of "The Latin Symbolics", a Latin dance team which is known for acrobatic lifts and theatrical mambo performances.